PLC  Loose tube 12 fibers production line
PLC  Loose tube 12 fibers production line

PLC Loose tube 12 fibers production line

This line is design to produce fluoroplastic insulated cable with extra thin size , output cable product are widely used in electronic , aerospace , medical area .

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Product Introduction
secondary coating line is specially designed for 1 - 12 fibers Jelly filling loose tubes.

Extrusion Material: PBT、PP etc.
Product Parameters

Øfully automatic dual-reel take-ups, changing reels reliably.
ØThe new design for bubble remover device have a good effect.
ØHighly accurate jelly filling die ensure the high speed production
ØSpray cooling design for Capstan ensure longer cooling length and shorter production line.

1 12 strands motorized pay-off for fiber core , the tension and speed of fiber wire feeding can be adjusted bydancer wheel . There is a specialized bubble removal device for jelly before applying with constant temperature treatment , it’s accurately calculated for the filling quantity , the extrusion model is 50
2 Constant temperature control for circulating cooling water, residual length can be accurately controlled.
3Controlling method is adopting PLC and Industrial computer , independent design for human-machine interface , enable for safely and easily operation .

Equipment component:
1、12 fiber pay-off ;
2、SZ strand;
3、Jelly Filling System and Bubble remover;
4、Extruder and auxiliary device(60x30 Extruder、Crosshead、Jelly filler、Vacuum Hopper Loader、Master Batch Loader);
5、Spray cooling design for Capsta n and Cooling System(cooling water trough 、Capstan、Dryer、Chiller unit);
6、Diameter gauging;
7、PN800 Take-Up ;
8、Electric Control System

Products 1~12 fibers Jelly filled loose tubes
Process Speed
800 m/min(Structural Speed)
Max 600 m/min
Fiber cores 1~12 cores
PO Tension 0.4~1.5N±0.05
Diameter Range Φ1.2~3.5mm
Over-length Range 0~3‰±0.05
Length Measuring Accuracy <2‰
Attenuation Increase ≤0.02dB/Km
External dimension L≤25m,W≤3.5m
Power supply 380V/50Hz, > 90Kw
Product Additional Service Description

1. Full machine customization 
2. Machinery installation layout design

3. On-spot installation service (negotiable)

4. Whole factory layout design

5. Accessories supply 
Tips and dies Heating plate Bobbins and reels

6. 24-hours consulting team

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