Super Wire And Cable Machinery PLC Triple Layer Tape Wrapping And Sintering

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: HOOHA
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: HH-80MM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: US$46,200-55,800/1set
Packaging Details: Wood, plastic as customer requiry
Delivery Time: 20-35Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5set/1 month
Condition: New Color: Customize
Voltage: 380V 50Hz Finished Wire Diameter: 3-15mm
Warranty: 12 Months Material: PVC
Available Material: PVC PE LSZH XLPE Weight: 5T
High Light:

wire coiling machine


wire rope winding machine

  Super Wire And Cable Machinery PLC Triple Layer Tape Wrapping And Sintering Technical parameter


Application: horizontal type tape wrapping line used for polyester, BOPP, polyimide-FEP, PI film, Kapton, Upilex or other material. The line equipped with driven pay off, triple tape wrapping, online sintering, online testing, and online coiling, can finish all the production in one process, greatly improve wire quality, reduce material waste and labor cost.


Voltage: 3P 380V 50Hz as standard, or customized

Line height: 1120mm

Product range:conductor 0.5 to 2.0mm.

Reel size: pay off:400-630

Coil size: 350mmOD, 200mm ID, 50-150mm Height

Tape size: OD max 250mm, width 5-16mm, height 100mm, thickness 0.01mm-0.1mm

Line speed: 3-60m/min, line speed= RPM * lay length /1000

Taping overlapping rate: 0-67%, lay length set on PLC

Lay length tolerance: 1%

Tapping direction: S, Z both

Tapping line direction: from left to right or from right to left.

Machine color: main machine grey RAL7035, machine base black RAL7026, door and safe color orange RAL2003, can be changed on customer’s request.


Super Wire And Cable Machinery PLC Triple Layer Tape Wrapping And Sintering 0



  1. Machine components:
Item and specification  
630 motorized pay off with tension dancer 1 set
PLC controlled spooler tape wrapping machine 3 PCs
1.5m auto sintering oven 1 set
400 double wheel capstan 1 set
15KV high frequency spark tester 1 set
Diameter tester (shanghai) 1 set
2m vertical accumulator (capstan wheel 200) 1 set
1.5m cooling water though(with wiper) 1 set
630 shaft-moving dual take up 1 set
  1. The brands of main parts:
  2. Item 1. 630 shaftless driven pay offDetails of every parts:

structure: shaftless type driven pay off, electrical lift, hand wheel tighten.

Reel size: Max.Ф630, MinФ400

Reel lift: electric screw rod lifting

reel tighten: hand wheel tighten

tension control: counter weight tension control, adjust pay off tension through moving weight block, potentiometer angel given voltage signal to control the pay off motor, tension range 0-2000g.

wire break test: wire break machine auto stop.

guiding pulley: Ф180 guiding pulley set, 3 grooves + 2 grooves.

driving motor: 1.5KW motor + inverter control.

bearing weight: Max.300kg:


Item 2. 250 OD spooler type tape wrapping machine with PLC control

Structure: horizontal type machine with spooler taping head. Motor+ inverter control, with magnetic tension control.

Tape:polyester, BOPP, polyimide-FEP, PI film, Kapton, Upilex or other material


Rotating speed: Max 2500RPM, practical 2300RPM

Line speed: 3-60m/min, line speed= taping pitch *RPM/1000

Spooler type tape: Max 250mm OD; center bore 76mm; tape width 5-16mm, height 100mm; thickness 0.01-0.1mm. tape weight less than 8kg.

Lay length: 8-20mm, over lapping rate 0-67%, set on HMI, tolerance: +/- 1%.

Wire thread tube diameter: 12mm

Tension control: 1.2KGM/12NM, DC24V magnetic clutch, magnetic clutch auto trace needed tension, tension control keep stable from full pad to empty pad, no need manual adjust tension. Tension range: 50~1200g

Tape storage length: 200mm

Main power: 1.5KW motor + inverter

Super Wire And Cable Machinery PLC Triple Layer Tape Wrapping And Sintering

Taping shaft: 40Cr material, shaft use grinding, high frequency conditioning treatment, strong wear-resisting, non-deformation under high speed running and heavy loading. With SKF bearing, no resistance and waggle under high speed running, machine is much durable.

Wrapping head: use static balanced installation, after installed, use dynamic balance treatment, ensure wrapping head works stable and at high speed, avoid tension instability.

Wire thread: with wire inlet and outlet “#” guiding pulleys, also with guiding pulleys after tape wrapping, reduce core wire shaking influence on wrapping tension.

Spooler type tape replace pad type tape, longer tape, reduce machine stop time, and wire joint, stable tape wrapping tension.

PLC auto control system: Siemens controller, VEINVIEW HMI, high sensitivity.


HMI monitor: online monitor line speed, wrapping pitch, overlapping rate, tape usage amount, wrapping RPM, take up length, failures and so on.

Auto alarm: wire break/tape break/tape use up/length reach/machine failure machine auto alarm, you can set weather stop or not.

Tension auto trace: according to set wrapping tension, PLC auto trace wrapping tension; according to set line speed, machine auto accelerate or decelerate; according to set line speed and wrapping pitch machine auto trace.

Auto recording: PLC auto record machine start and stop time, unit time productivity, total production, the failures, recording setting data for different cable size, easy for operator to know the machine working state.

Single/linked work: operator can choose machine parts single work or linked work.

Electrical cabinet cooling: cooling fan exhaust heat out

Door lock: safe door open, electric cabinet power off; only under test running state, machine can start when door open.

E-stop: when emergency situation, we have E-stop button, the machine can stop in 2 second.

Machine inner wiring use international standard wiring, with clear mark, ensure safety, easy to checking and repair.


Item 3. 1.5m auto feedback sintering oven

application: tape sintering

Length: 1500mm

heating temperature: normal temperature to 500℃, working temperature 150-350℃

heating power: 8KW

heating elements: 304 high temperature heating tube.

Oven cover: inner part SUS304 stainless steel, outer part steel board.

temp control: RKC temp controller to control the temp.

temp testing: pure copper as testing point, thermocouple testing the inner air temperature.

testing section: 1 section

heating protection: heating preserve thickness>40, surface temperature <70℃

energy saving: use SCR relay to adjust heating temperature.


intelligent control: protect the wire when stop the machine, machine start, oven in; machine stop, oven out; avoid wire over-heating, when machine stop.

inlet and outlet pulley: install guiding pulley, avoid wire sheaking and harm.

safety guard: short circuit protection, all the terminal out of the oven, easy to check.


Item 4. 400 dual wheel capstan.

Capstan wheel: OD 400, groove 381.5, groove perimeter 1200mm; Aluminum Magnesium alloy material with water-proof treatment; grooves: 4~6pcs.

Products range: 0.5-4.0mm

Line speed: 12-50m/min, according to the request.

Capstan cover: open type without cover

Shift gear: inverter continuous available.

Driving power: 3.7KW, configure according to capstan speed.


Item 5. 2.5m vertical accumulator

structure: vertical type rail accumulator

guiding pulleys: dia. 250mm, American standard 6061 Aluminum alloy, precise process, grooves with hardness treatment, round groove end, 9 grooves with 10 grooves as standard.

Product range: 0.5 -4.0mm

machine height: 15 to 20m

tension adjust: spring tighten, add or reduce weight block to adjust tension

tension range: 500-3000g

safety devices: with upper and bottom limit to protect the machine, wire break machine emergency stop.


Item 6. Cooling water though with wiper

Water though length: 1.5m

Material: SUS304, 2mm thick, with cover avoid come out

Wiper: high pressure compressed wiper.


Item 7. Double shaft auto traverse take up

structure: shaft type take up

reel dia.: Max.Φ500, MinΦ300

reel lift: Manually

reel tighten: tip cone tighten

traverse: Φ30 light rod traverse, bobbin moving type traverse, avoid wire abrade in traversing.

pitch adjust: adjust traverse speed to change traverse pitch.

range adjust: change limit block position to change traverse range.

traverse power: mechanical power, linked with take up

length counter: with length meter, forecast function, meter reach machine auto stop.

driven power: 1.5KW motor with inverter

bearing weight: Max.200kg

with coiling function.

4. After service

1).Delivery dates: 45 days
2).Payment: TT or L/C
3).Packing: Wood packing and PE plastic packing ensure the goods safety on the transportation.
4). Install and training service: 2 professional engineers who has over 5 years overseas install and cable manufacture training experience.
5) after service phone number online


5. Factory & Workshop &Warehouse



Company name HOOHA Co.,Ltd
Established 2003
Main products upcast and continuous casting machine,wire extrusion machine,wire stranding machine,wire drawing machine,test machine and so on.
Value added service Include factory planning, cable raw material supply,cable equipment layout,cable technology export,customer training and cable testing laboratory construction.
Factory location Humen Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong province.
Manufacturing Center 4000 sqm
Showroom More than 2000 sqm.

Cooperating with German spare parts and production software and using best quality materials and intelligent machine, HOOHA's products maintain high quality with strongly competitive price.


Automatic Cable Wire Machine Extrusion Equipment Japan NSK Bearing Siemens Inverter

Automatic Cable Wire Machine Extrusion Equipment Japan NSK Bearing Siemens Inverter

6. Package


Two methods: RTA (Ready to assemble, Flat Pack) and fully assembled.

Plywood frames and Stretch film are used to avoid breakage in transit.


7. FAQ


Question Answer
MOQ 1 set
Lead Time 30~40 working days since starting producing.
Warranty Time 1-year quality guarantee for the machine
Payment Terms 30% T/T in advance for production material, 70% in the period of shipment.
(3 choices )
a. HOOHA's Chinese installation team.
b. HOOHA's overseas installation co-partners in your country.
c. DIY Guide: HOOHA supports online guidance.
How to Start Contact us and leave your contact email and phone number.



8. Why choose us?


1.We are the cable equipment manufacturer.

2.Professional engineer,long-term to research and development for to cable equipment .

3.High frequency capacity manufacturer machine is provide .Guarantee the machine all weather running .

4.Our machine use the international qualified brand,like siemens ,omron,nsk,lg etc.

5.Technical support and spare parts service.

6.Well-experienced in overseas to support customer with technical,training,operating.

7.Responsible and Good communication and customer service skills,and save time and human cost for customers.

8.Complete Foreign Trade Team.

9.Working efficiently,quickly response to customer needs.


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