Iec603332 - 3 - 24 /20 Bunched Wire Cable Retardant Test Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong
Brand Name: HOOHA
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: ZY6014D
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wood, plastic as customer requiry
Delivery Time: 25-35Working Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10set/1 month
Color: White The Size Of The Test Box: L1130mm X W630mm X H1305mm
Work Power: AC220V, 50HZ, Total Power Of 500W Warrnty: 12months
Adopt Standard 3: GB/t18380.32-2008 Adopt Standard 2: Iec 60332-3-10:20
Adopt Standard 1: GB/T18380.31-2008 Adopt Standard 4: Iec 60332-3-21:20
Adopt Standard 5: GB/t18380.33-2008 Adopt Standard 6: Iec603332-3-22:20
High Light:

GB/T18380.31-2008 Wire Testing Equipment


220V Wire Testing Machine

Y6014D bunched wire and cable flammability tester


Iec603332 - 3 - 24 : 20 Wire Testing Equipment Bunched Wire Cable Retardant Performance


Scope of application:

ZY6014D bunched wire burning machine is strictly according to GB/T18380.31-2008 standard production, such as used to assess the vertical installed into a bunch of wires or cables under the conditions stipulated in the inhibition of vertical flame spread ability; It is used to measure flame retardant performance of flame retardant wire and cable.


Meet the standard:

Into a bundle of cables burning tester is very mature products, my company adopt stainless steel, the whole machine is made up of the following parts: test chamber, air source, steel ladder, emissions purification system, ignition source.

Standard GB/T18380.31-2008, iec 60332-3-10:20 "cable in the flame condition of the combustion test section 31: vertical installation of a cable flame vertical spreading test report test device";

Meet the standard GB/t18380.32-2008, iec 60332-3-21:20, "cable and cable in the flame condition of the combustion test part 32: vertical installation of the cable flame vertical spreading test AF/R class";

Meet standard GB/t18380.33-2008, iec603332-3-22:20 "cable in the flame condition of the combustion test part 33: vertical installation of the cable flame vertical spreading test A class A";

Meet the standard GB/t18380.35-2008, iec603332-3-24:20 "cable in the flame condition of the combustion test part 35: vertical installation of the cable flame vertical spreading test of the cable and the test C";

Meet standard GB/T18380.36-2008, iec60332-3-25:20 00 "cable in the flame condition of the combustion test part 36: vertical installation of the cable flame spreading test D class".


Main features:

1. Experimental device

A) test case: the experimental device should be a self-supporting cabinet with a width (1000 + + 100) mm, deep (2000 + / 100) mm and height (4000 + + 100) mm.

B) the heat transfer coefficient of the rear wall and both sides of the test case shall be about 0.7W? M - 2? The thermal insulation of k-1, 1.5mm thick of the USU304 stainless steel plate, the middle coated 65mm thick insulation mineral fiber, the external is 1.5mm thick of the USU304 stainless steel plate.

2. Air source:

A) the air inlet is equipped with the digital air speed velocity meter, and the air flow rate is (5000 plus or minus 500) L/min;

B) after completion of the test: if the fire is stopped for an hour while the sample is still burning, there is an alarm and a device used to stop the burning in the rain.

3. Type of steel ladder: width (500 + + 5) mm standard steel ladder width (800 + 10) mm wide steel ladder material is made of normal 304 stainless steel;

4. Discharge cleaning device:

A) the upper part of the test box is equipped with a digital anemometer to ensure that the velocity of the wind is less than 8M/S, which will not affect the air flow in the test box;

B) smoke collection and dust cleaning installation: use SUS304 stainless steel with a diameter of 800mm and a height of 3500mm.

5. Ignition source:

A) type: the ignition source shall include one or two belt propane gas jet lamps and their supporting flow meter and venturi mixer. The surface for fire shall be the drill has 242 diameter of 1.32 mm diameter of flat metal plate, the center distance of hole is 3.2 mm, there are three rows of staggered, 81, 80 and 80 respectively in each row, in nominal size is 257 * 4.5 mm range. In addition, a row of holes are opened on both sides of the fire board, which can keep the flame stable and burning.

B) each burner is equipped with an accurate device to control the flow rate of propane and air. The rotor flow meter or mass flow meter can be used.

6. Ignition source location:

A) the spray lamp should be placed horizontally, the surface of the cable sample (75 plus or minus 5) mm, the bottom of the test box (600-plus or minus 5) mm, and the symmetry of the steel ladder axis. The burner shall be at the center of the steel ladder between the two transverse gears and at least 500mm from the bottom of the sample.


Main parameters:

Main materials: 1.5mm thick, USU304 stainless steel plate;

Coating material: coated 65mm thick insulation mineral fibre;

Test box size: wide * depth * height 1000mm*2000mm*4000mm (plus or minus 100)

Air source: advanced digital display anemometer

Gas flow rate: (5000 plus or minus 500) L/min

Spray lamp: high quality torch


Technical services:

1. 20 years of brand commitment, patent quality, quality assurance, superior performance, excellent quality and full service;

2. 20 years of brand communication, professional team, professional technical and technical consultant, and the cooperation of various quality inspection institutes and schools;

3. Provide free service for the whole year, five quality control procedures, from material input to product handover control quality, ensure that the user is absolutely authentic;

4. The brand effect absolutely guarantees the quality of the products, and we provide high quality products with high quality products and the highest cost performance to ensure the testing data, and the guarantee of the company;

5. 18 professional technicals will solve any problem in your products. Professional after-sales team will provide you with the most beautiful service;

6. Free teaching research, equipment maintenance and free upgrade of equipment server;



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